Humble Architecture: Everest Challenge

Where do you go to the toilet when you’re hiking up Mount Everest? It may sound like the start of a crude joke, but the problem is very real. Everest receives an average of 35,000 visitors each year, most of whom have nowhere to relieve themselves during their trek to the summit.

© Beebreeders

The Humble Architecture: Everest Challenge is the first in a series of competitions that look to take the ego out of designing, asking participants to com up with innovative and environmentally – safe solutions to the above problem. Toilets may not be exciting, but they are vital in almost every location. The jury are looking for projects that display creative yet humble thinking. There won’t be any prizes for designing the most “Instagrammable” toilet, rather a design that blends in seamlessly and sustainably with its surroundings on the world’s highest peak.

The Humble Architecture: Everest Challenge competition is open until November 15, 2021, with winners of the 6,000 € prize fund to be announced on March 1, 2022.

For more information and details on how to register, visit

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