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3D printed Organic homes: A Step to the Future

As part of response to global climate change and the need for greener buildings; Mario Cucinella Architects partners with an Italian based 3d- printing company, WASP to create pod- like structures that will promote clean and green living. They call it ‘Tecla‘. Tecla is envisioned to be a new series of round pod-like housing units entirely made of locally sourced clay; layered and molded by a 3d printer. It is a whole new approach to innovative building and environmental friendly.

These structures are basically 350 layers of coiled clay that serve as thermal insulation, not only as a shell. Encapsulating both living area kitchen and sleeping quarters.

However this may go, it might just be what we need to get us back on our feet, never worrying about migration and dangers as a result of climate change. This indeed is already the beginning of a green revolution.

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