Old Newspapers are Put into Better use Artistically by Artist Myriam Dion

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The Montreal-based artist Myriam Dion puts old newspapers into artistic figures that clearly illustrate the meanings as intended by her. She cuts newspapers into laces and then weaves them with intricately cut pieces that clearly portray the daily briefs and profiles in Newspaper publications. Each piece effectively illustrate the views by journalism with intricately cut photographs and woven patterns narrating the unfolded issue.

Dion states that using text-based prints with color and woven sections proves to be tedious and will take longer working time. Nonetheless, it helps solidify the works and give more depth and possibilities to the pattern she chooses and invent.

The artist further explains the aim of her art, she says “For a long time, and even today, the print media has been a forum articulated by and for the male sex, where women have occupied a limited place, and interestingly enough, the newspaper articles I have accumulated document the perception of women in the mass media over the last century,”

© Myriam Dion

The artist plans to put more of her works to display at the NARS Foundation in Brookelyn next year, a whole new version, incorporating traditional feminine art forms like embroidery. The idea is subversive and pays “homage to the female public figures represented in these old newspapers, but more particularly to ordinary women to whom the recognition of any artistic contribution, both from a technical and conceptual point of view, has long been denied by the politics of art.”

Find out more at www.myriamdion.com

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