Relax and have fun with this building simulation game- Townscapper

If you’re into building simulations or you’re just looking for a relaxing yet fun game, then you’ll love this building simulation game Townscapper.


Released early this year Townscaper is a building/ architectural simulation game, kind- a- like simcity but with no restrictions, you just build, build and build.

© Oskar Stålberg

It’s awesome how by clicking on grids structures pop out automatically, turning those blocks into cute little low poly houses, stairways, bridges, green spaces and more. This single player game is available for both windows and Mac operating systems.

© Oskar Stålberg
© colossal

Although the games just an experiment like the developer Osker Stålberg says; all you have to do to get it is have a a good system and buy it from steam for as low as 5.99 USD.

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