NIA o-DEFREN 2025 Toilet Design Challenge

The Federal Ministry of Water Resources (FMoWR) in collaboration with The Nigerian institute of Architects (NIA) call’s for entries for the public toilet design challenge, a competition aimed at environmental sanitation. A move to annihilate open defecation in accordance with the Executive Order 009 signed by President Muhamadu Buhari. One that will hopefully stress the healing power of architecture.


The profession of Architecture is concerned with the human habitat in all its ramifications, and in Nigeria with population now numbered beyond 200million and predominantly young in demography this concern is made more acute. Formal and informal use of water will continue to outstrip supply, we must therefore deploy clear strategy for efficient and sustainable water utilisation for human and agricultural needs.
Poor sanitation as occasioned by open-air defecation (and urination) not only result in unsavoury indices in the global context, but also result in significant environmental and health challenges at a local context. o-DEFREN (open-air defection free Nigeria) seeks to tackle this dual challenge through its Toilet Design Challenge with solutions that are  sustainably domesticated and contextually responsive.

The NIA o-DEFREN 2025 Toilet Design Challenge is an open-call inviting Architects (Students and Practitioners) to submit concepts and prototype ideas that show a considered rethink of public toilets. Solutions should promote rapid prototyping and speedy deployment, clearly establish the location/cultural-context being responded to, or the targeted rural or urban situation being considered.

The use of local materials, systems, and solutions is greatly encouraged, with creativity in energy efficiency and sustainability amongst others; ultimately, the designs should be attractive. 

Opening date: registration has commenced since the 27, September 2020

Submission Deadline: 04:00pm Tuesday 27th October, 2020.

Eligibility/Level: open/ free entry for students and professionals

Organisers: Nigerian Institute of Architecture (NIA)

 Visit for more detail’s

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