Theodore Roosevelt presidential library

Snøhetta Selected for the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Design

The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation unanimously select’s Snøhetta for the Design of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library. Snøhetta will design only the 15th presidential library in the nation, which will be located in Medora, North Dakota.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park–the only of the 62 national parks named for a person, let alone a president–includes Roosevelt’s Elkhorn Ranch, known as the ‘cradle of conservation,’ and will be a critical part of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library plan.

Snøhetta’s thoughtful design captures the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt and why he came to the Badlands. . “This will be the only presidential library alongside a national park and the only national park alongside a presidential library. It will invite visitors to see and experience the very cradle of conservation. That is why this location in North Dakota is perfect for the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library”.

Snøhetta emerged from an intense design competition that began with over forty (40) firms under consideration by the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation. After issuing a Project Brief on December 15, 2019, fourteen (14) firms were invited to respond to the Foundation’s Request for Qualifications (RFQ) on April 6, 2020, and twelve (12) were able to participate. It was reduced to six (6) with virtual interviews during the pandemic, and announced three (3) finalists on May 18, 2020. Those finalists were: Snøhetta, Studio Gang, and Henning Larsen.

“Snøhetta, Studio Gang, and Henning Larsenwere in the arena and we are forever grateful. Their passion, depth of commitment,and enormous creativity; made this an incredibly difficult decision”.

Snohetta integrated the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library into the landscape of the North Dakota Badlands. The main library building rises from the butte, echoing the surrounding landforms.

According to the firm their design is inspired by the President’s personal reflections on the landscape, his commitment to environmental stewardship, and the periods of quiet introspection and civic engagement that marked his life. The design of the Library is more than a building; it is a journey through a preserved landscape of diverse habitats, punctuated with small pavilions providing spaces for reflection and activity.

The Library’s gently sloping roof looks to the northeast, gazing over the National Park, historical settings in the Little Missouri River valley, and the Elkhorn Ranch far in the distance, further connecting the Library of tomorrow with its origins in the past.

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