See the most powerful gaming phone in the world: The ROG Phone 3

Asus just announced the latest version of it’s ROG phone; the ROG phone 3, on July 22, a phone built to satisfy even the most hardcore gamer and expects to release it around August. With all the information we’ve got is it really a game changer? Let’s see

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The phone features the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 plus 5G mobile platform with advanced 5G mobile communication capability, the latest LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 ROM,cooling system that uses advanced 3D vapor chamber and a large heat sink with vents at the back; increasing thermal efficiency. Hold on, I’m not done yet. Apart from the inbuilt cooling systems it has an option for the Aeroactive Cooler 3 clip- on external cooling fan that according to Asus, delivers increased airflow to hotspots on the casing especially around the CPU and 5g chip. They say it can lower the surface temperature to just about 4°c.

The phone is equipped with a stunning 144HZ/ 1 ms AMOLED display, combined with industry leading 270 HZ touch-sampling rate, which dramatically decreases the touch latency to 25ms. According to them, each display is carefully colour-caliberared to ensure a Delta – E value of less than 1, and there’s support for HDR10+ content. I certainly don’t know what that is but it sound awesome and I guess you’re with me. It also features a mode they call ” X Mode ” which let’s you adjust and customize many system parameters to optimize the phone’s performance, and tailor it for every application and gaming scenario. When it comes to gaming, power is serious business, because you wouldn’t want to be stopped halfway in your game because the battery is low. The ROG phone is equipped with a mind blowing 6000 mAh battery to keep you going. It has multiple passive power-saving mechanisms, including multiple custom battery modes and an exclusive hibernate function.

That’s not all, it has a high sound quality. Powerful front facing speakers deliver immersive audio. It has ultrasonic touch sensors located on it’s long edges that can be assigned to any in-game action for a console-like experience. Guess what, it comes with a super triple-camera system to create superb quality photos. According to them, it features a flagship Sony IMX686 64 MP main wide – angle camera, an ultrawide 13 MP second camera, and a macro camera; it has a 24 MP front camera for taking awesome selfies. It has some great features for creating high quality videos.

ROG 3 trailer

Asus’s ROG says their partnering up with stadia and unity to establish a truly integrated game ecosystem. So what do you think, you can reply by commenting below.

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Watch the unboxing

ROG 3 unboxing

Its truly the most powerful gaming phone in the world.

Visit the official site here

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