How to grow moss on walls and any other surface.

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After writing about moss walls in one of my Post’s “Venturing deeper into organic architecture” I’ve been asked, by my followers on how to make a moss wall so decided to create a post about it, and here we are……

If your reading this which of course you are, you wouldn’t have gotten this far if you weren’t interested in moss wall’s or probably stunned by a post about moss. So you should know something about moss or if the latter is your case you don’t.

Moss is one of the oldest plant species,… yes it’s a plant and not a fungus. However, it has great importance; its produces a sooting, serene and tranquil feeling when used in gardens, it is proved scientifically to enhance concentration and other cognitive functions, it helps to filter the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, so it would be great for indoor environments. What’s awesome is that it doesn’t need soil to grow; but only moisture and it gets its nutrient from the air. But enough with the biology talk let’s see how you can actually grow moss on walls and other surfaces.

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How to grow moss

The following are the tools and procedure to growing moss:

Thing’s you’ll need

  • A blender
  • A paint brush
  • A container (e.g, a cup)
  • A Jug of water
  • And moss


  • Put the quantity of moss you want or that can fill your blender half way into your blender
  • Pour some water into it and blend
  • If your mixture is to thick add more water until a smooth mix
  • Pour the mixture on what ever you want moss to grow on; on walls, rocks e.t.c
  • After applying it make sure it is kept moist, it’ll be better if put under a shade.
  • The moss should start growing in a weeks time.

You can get extra creative and paint a picture or make a writing with the mixture. Have fun!!!

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