Minecraft gets a new lift: minecraft dungeons

Good day to my fellow game lovers out there, today where talking of games like….. yeah you guest correctly, like “minecraft”. Minecraft continues to be one of the top ranking games, with over 125 million monthly players. I still ask my self this question; who would have thought a game literarily made out of bricks would top the chart?. Anyways, lets get back to business.

Minecraft has just had a new look and lift with the introduction of “Minecraft Dungeons“, its basically a dungeon crawler game with the lines of Diablo.

minecraft dungeons

It was lunched yesterday 26/5/2020, its available on; xbox, Playstation 4, Nintendo switch and PC. Instead of mining and building you get to fight bad guys to increase your characters power. The game generally is friendly and allows you to play with friends, just connect a second game pad and you’re up and ready to go.

watch the trailer below and see the game for your self:

minecraft dungeon trailer

Want the game?

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