Covid-19 and Technology

you’ll agree with me that, the plans of every economy in the world today has been tainted with the corona virus pandemic, the virus has not only hampered economic development but also; our movement and regular physical activities. Despite the efforts of our top scientist the virus has proven indomitable. you could say that the physical world has become inactive or has been inhibited, but what about the digital world ?

Covid and Tech

Despite all the challenges the digital world has only become more effective and active. Thanks to the pandemic, more people are in their homes using digital/technological services, kids are learning through online classes, plus people are almost 100% relying on online transactions. Apart from that, innovation in the health sector has sprung up rapidly even in developing countries. We are restricted from movement and social gatherings and have nothing doing; all we rely on is our handsets and gadgets; both for communicating with loved ones and to keep boredom away.

After this

After this pandemic what do you think will happen? would we slowly recover from where where we stopped? would things go back to the way they where?. Well i dont think so and hope you’ll agree with me that things may not end up as they where before the pandemic, in fact we may just as well adopt the work-at-home system, schools may as well continue with online lectures people may also continue to rely on online sales and transactions.

In total

in total the technological sector of the global economy will receive a major boost, pushing the world towards actualizing a digital age even faster.

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